LoTW Failure Recovery?

Hasan Schiers N0AN

I have had this happen twice in the last 3 days:

I am set for auto-upload to LoTW.
LoTW on their end went down
Error msg in DXK asking try again or not?
I say yes, and it does same (as they were down for hours)

More qsos, so I start answering NO to try again.
Now I have 10 qsos in the log that need to be uploaded to LoTW

I have to manually move them (right click on log entry and select Add Entry to QSL Queue (LoTW) one at a time into the QSL Queue. Done

Now, I keep adding qsos as DXK keeps giving the same error (others haven't uploaded yet).

It turns out that I had to stop and restart DXK to get it to upload the pending qsos (in the qsl window). ONce I restarted DXK, and I selected Upload to LoTW, they all went fine.

Seems like this should be handled differently.

1. If an auto-upload to LoTW times out, the entry should be automatically put in the QSL TAB upload queue.

...and the next failure should be handled the same way. AS qsos pile up (cuz LoTW is not accepting inputs on its end), they should be automatically added to the upload queue so they can be uploaded later.

2. It shouldn't take a DXK shutdown to restore normal upload to LoTW.

...at least that's what happened here.

73, N0AN

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