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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Asking for guidance before I totally screw something up....

Turned on the shack computer this morning, started Launcher as usual. DXK is the first to start...window pops up: DXKeeper did not open in 180 seconds (or something like that). Launcher goes on to open DXV and SC. Button under DXK is still red, so I click again. "DXKeeper is already running on this computer." ??? After about 30 seconds, up pops DXK! So, I figure a minor glitch and move on.

Later this afternoon, started the shack machine again. This time a similar sequence, but DXK never came up. Tried to terminate it via Launcher - even with CTRL-click, and got the message "wait for DXKeeper to start" (or something like that). Rebooted, all that sort of thing (multiple times). Turned on error logging in Launcher, started again...same thing. Only this time after about 5 minutes, UP pops DXK! I've saved my log (again), but not tried a restore of WS on the fear I'll screw up the last good save.

Ideas? Anything obvious (that clearly isn't obvious to me)?

+ This is a diagnostic procedure:

1. reboot Windows into "Safe mode with networking"

2. start the Launcher

3. direct the Launcher to start DXKeeper (or allow it to start DXKeeper, if that's how you have the Launcher configured)

4. does DXKeeper start?


Dave, AA6YQ

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