Re: Auto Upload WSJT-X MSK-144 SPOTs

Hasan Schiers N0AN

To Simplify:
I have separate WSJT-X configurations for each mode:

If I change my WSJT-X configuration from MSK144 to FT8, everything decoded in X shows up in SpotCollector with network WSJTX

As soon as I switch back to MSK144 config, that no longer happens.

I'm going to stay in the FT8 Config and just change modes and see what happens.

Switched : FT8 decodes from 40m fill the SpotCollector
Stayed in FT8 Config: Changed Mode and Freq to MSK144 and 50.260

Waiting for an MSK144 decode.

MSK144 decodes appeared, they did NOT show up in SpotCollector, while normal N6WS decodes from HF continue(d) to show up.

Befuddled as to why MSK144 decodes will not show up in SpotCollector as WSJTX network.

73, N0AN

On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 6:21 AM Hasan Schiers N0AN via Groups.Io <> wrote:
Now that I have WSJT-X directly directly connected to SpotCollector and it is working.

I want my Band Activity Calls (while monitoring 6 meter MSK144 with WSJT-X) to automatically be uploaded to N6WS. ...or is that already happening? I see those spots appear from me if I manually force them from a logged qso (Right Click on Log Entry > Spot ...etc)

I just saw a decode from of N8CJK EN84 working K0TPP. I have not seen a new spot created in SpotCollector.
Same for N5SYV calling CQ

I am now working N5WYV. I finished / logged the QSO in WSJT-X and it  populated DXKeeper, and auto-uploaded to LoTW.

I see nothing on SpotCollector for either my monitored decodes, nor my actual contacts.

Am I missing a setting, and if so, where and what?

( I have read the sections on how to set things up for X and SpotCollector, but I see no reference to Auto-Uploading calls decoded in X)

Strangely enough, all my FT8 monitoring on HF fills my SpotCollector screen. Obviously, I'm missing something. Maybe a sub-mode setting?

73, N0AN

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