Auto Upload WSJT-X MSK-144 SPOTs

Hasan Schiers N0AN

Now that I have WSJT-X directly directly connected to SpotCollector and it is working.

I want my Band Activity Calls (while monitoring 6 meter MSK144 with WSJT-X) to automatically be uploaded to N6WS. ...or is that already happening? I see those spots appear from me if I manually force them from a logged qso (Right Click on Log Entry > Spot ...etc)

I just saw a decode from of N8CJK EN84 working K0TPP. I have not seen a new spot created in SpotCollector.
Same for N5SYV calling CQ

I am now working N5WYV. I finished / logged the QSO in WSJT-X and it  populated DXKeeper, and auto-uploaded to LoTW.

I see nothing on SpotCollector for either my monitored decodes, nor my actual contacts.

Am I missing a setting, and if so, where and what?

( I have read the sections on how to set things up for X and SpotCollector, but I see no reference to Auto-Uploading calls decoded in X)

Strangely enough, all my FT8 monitoring on HF fills my SpotCollector screen. Obviously, I'm missing something. Maybe a sub-mode setting?

73, N0AN

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