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Bob Main

Dave, that was it.  I also use what Microsoft provides for antivirus and but couldn’t figure out how to exclude the files.  Your instructions told me what I needed.  Of course after entering the files I tried DXView again and it still took about 35 seconds.  Then I thought “Hey dummy reboot”.  After the reboot DXview started in less than 10 seconds.


As for the WinWarbler stuff it was the WSIT-X and its associated program that was needed that broke WinWarber.  I never did figure those problems but I did uninstall all three files.  I used to be a network administrator and also worked the Help Desk so not totally dumb about what to do to remove a program.


Have a good weekend and happy DXing.


73, Bob KB4CL


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Sent: Thursday, February 27, 2020 7:01 PM
Subject: Re: [DXLab] Slow Startup of Apps in Windows 10


Your slow start-up of the DXLabs aps is likely due to the anti-virus software you are running.  I did see this when I was running Windows-7.  With Win-10 I use the Microsoft supplied Virus protection and do the following:

Enter the virus software and mark each DXLab executable as excluded.  If you are using the virus protection security provided by Windows-10:

Windows-10 doesn’t make it easy to select find the Virus Exclusions.  Be patient and follow all the steps.

Click the windows flag in the lower left corner of the screen, select the gear symbol (Settings),  Select Virus & threat protection,  Select ‘Virus and threat protection settings’ scroll-down and under Exclusions select ‘Manage settings’, in manage scroll-down and under Exclusions select ‘add or remove exclusions’, click “Add an exclusion.  Then one-at-a-time navigate to each DXLab executable and select the appropriate executable.  While you are at it also select any other ham radio executable, e.g., WSJT-X.

I have found in previous versions of Microsoft Windows virus protection to work as expected by just selecting the DXLabs folder, probably has something to due to updating the executable within that folder. Without doing any more exclusion activity.


I have no guidance on your WinWarbler issues.


Dave, W6DE


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Sent: 27 February, 2020 22:18
Subject: [DXLab] Slow Startup of Apps in Windows 10


I finally got the nerve and moved to Windows 10 from Windows 7 back in January.  The changeover with more smoothly than I expected, but I had some issues, mostly between the ears, concerning how Windows 10 worked.  It took a couple days but all is working.  The only thing that I am finding are the programs are taking a while to start, at least longer than with Windows 7.  For example DXView is taking 35 seconds and I don’t think it took that long before.  I know this has been discussed before and there is also probably something in the DXLAb help file, but I am not getting any hits from my searches.  I know this has something to do with the search criteria that I am entering and discovered over the years that without proper terminology the search produces nothing.  I have already looked at the two articles that come up when I do a search for “Windows 10” and followed those directions right after the install.  Can anybody give me some clues how to do the search so that I can get on the right track?


For what it is worth I have been using DXLabs for the last 14 years, only big problem I have ever had was when I attempted to install the programs to use F8 with WinWarbler.  I followed the directions in the help file Never had any luck and found that those two programs “broke” what I actually had working in WinWarbler and finally deleted those programs and when I couldn’t figure out what was messed up in WinWarbler I deleted that too.  What was so bad was that I used to be able to do RTTY and PSK and using it and had finally gotten everything working again.  Then I installed the two programs and everything went south, but that is another problem.  Looking at the Windows 10 thing first.


Thanks in advance.


73, Bob KB4CL

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