DXKeeper Error Message on Startup

Hasan Schiers N0AN

this is a *.png of the error message I'm getting.

Dave, (or anyone), please see this link to my google drive. It has a picture of the error screen that shows up every time I start DXKeeper.

"CQ-WAE award file (path snipped) contains an entry that does not specify the region's continent."

The reference file: CQWAE.txt contains:

1,206,4U1V,ITU Vienna,CQ,WAE
2,248,IG9/IH9,African Italy,CQ,NoWAE
4,259,JW/B, Bear Island,CQ,WAE
5,279,GM/S,Shetland Islands,CQ,WAE
6,390,TA1,European Turkey,CQ,WAE

I did not (to my knowledge) edit this file or make any config changes to WAE.  I haven't played with awards at all.

I'd attach it, but know you don't want attachments.
73, N0AN

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