Network Local Spots Overwhelming N6WS

Hasan Schiers N0AN

Forest for the Trees Problem

I'm using WSJT-X . I do not want it's decoded stations as spot sources for the Spot Collector Display.
I only want to see spots sourced from N6WS

I have gone into :
SpotCollector Configuration and Unchecked:WSJT-X Enable.

SpotCollector Tabular Display continues to be saturated with Spots from my WSJT-X Decodes. (and the N6WS spots get lost in the ridiculous volume of my own decodes.

I want HamApps to to my Alerting, so I can't turn off the UDP connection.

2nd Problem:

If I use VP8PJ as the Callsign Filter, even though I have set Origin Filter to NA-E, M and W, I still see spotsĀ  sourced from all over the world, which are not of any interest to me.

The goal here is to see spots of VP8PJ that only originated in North America

I"ve used search and read what I can, but I cannot find the obvious. It seems to me that NOT enabled WSJT-X in the SpotCollector config should do it, but it doesn't. Maybe I have to close SpotCollector and restart it?

Thanks In Advance
73, N0AN

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