SC & DXK link to WSJTX

Joe - KC2TN

I’ve been using the SC and DXK link to WSJTX link the past several weeks.

I switched off JTAlert during this time.

I like how the link works showing all my digital award goals.

However, I’ve noticed with all the spots from WSJTx flowing into the SC database it gets bloated rather quickly.

I set my purge back to 1 day and I’ve been keeping track of it’s size. When SC DATABASE approaches 60k records my logging link to DXK stops functioning.

When I purge it again, logging starts up again.

This has happened several times, so at this point it’s just an observation. I’m not really sure what the cause is.

Normally I’d look at my computer horsepower but this is a new set up with a fast computer and plenty of memory.

Just wondering if anyone else had noticed this?

Joe - KC2TN

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