hearing wsjt sigs , but no band activty

Danny Douglas <n7dc@...>

Ive been in and out of the hospital twice since was able to last use my digital modes on ts570s/Rigblaster plus, since November and when got home, put on a new CAT cable for one that the the usb serial port had been crushed.  Finally got it all corrected today, and now able to get the rig and computer cat control working and able to hear, and see the wsjt waterfall window and also

But, I noticed that I wasnt connecting to qrz.com.  For some reason I had to replace my password, before it would work.  sigh.  

Meanwhile, when I look at the wsjt screen, there appear to be no signals.  Lots of parallel lines across it, and occasionally, what appears to be a lot of small vertical lines down at the bottom bu just appears to be noise.  No read out of decode signals in the band-activity area. Think I have forgotten more than I thought I knew.  Havent had any digital contacts since last September.    Am using Lab rig controls as rig in WSJT settings window.   So, i went back to WW and tried RTTY signals output,  zilch.      Please can someone refer me to the online setup and I will start over with WW digital and see if I can get rtty/psk to operate ?

QSL Bureau, DIRECT, LOTW Preferred, eQSL used but upload at a courtesy only, as do not use the system for awards.

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