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Jeff K6QCB


Yes there is a reason not to upload a QSO, one being some portable operators I know use there home location for all there portable operations even when they are in another state or I just had a casual short QSO with someone local. I keep a record of it but it does not need to go to LOTW.

I exported an adif file (unfiltered) as a backup to the backup before I try to fix my problem. I noticed that my log has 6238 QSOs but the export only has 6231 QSOs. Where are the 7 Qs and how do I find out what is missing?

Jeff K6QCB

On Monday, February 17, 2020, 09:39:37 PM PST, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

Yes I am aware of the DXKeeper to LOTW features. I have gotten used to the way I was doing it. I can pick and choose which QSOs I upload.

+ Is there a reason to not upload them all?

So let me ask this, if I populate the QSL Queue and there is one I don't want to upload can I just uncheck the box in the QSL column and that one will be ignored?

+ Yes:

"Each entry in the QSL Queue contains a QSL box. By default, each entry's box is checked, which enables the entry for QSL Queue operations. A QSL Queue entry whose QSL box is not checked will be ignored by all operations except clearing the QSL Queue. You can use the EnableAll and DisableAll functions to quickly enable or disable all QSL Queue entries. Disabling a QSL Queue entry is useful when you're not yet ready to send a QSL card or label, perhaps because you expect to make additional QSOs with the station and want to print them all on a single card or label."



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