Re: Pre-filtering


Dave: I think the three approaches you outlined below, in some combination, would be entirely satisfactory. And, thanks for the existing capabilities vis-a-vis pre-filtering. I have an ever-increasing list of "bad sources" -- those folks who insist on abusing the DX cluster, who create false spots, etc. That feature sure reduces "false alarms."

The proposed capability would allow me to reduce my "computer inventory" by two and kill the nailed-up VPNs used to reach them.

73! - Rick, 'GI

+ I'm thinking about adding additional pre-filtering to SpotCollector"

- by band (630m through 12cm)

- by mode group (SSB, AM, FM, CW, RTTY, PSK, FT4, FT8, JTx, OtherDigital)

- by origin (NAE, NAM, NAW, SA, EU, AS, AF, OC)

+ To users who pre-filter or would like to, what's missing from the above capabilities?


Dave, AA6YQ

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