Importing contest logs rituals

Ted Boerkamp

Hello all....After participating the RTTY test the past weekend, I would like to import my contest log from N1MM to DXKeeper.

I am also currently entering my old paper logs into DxKeeper with the idea that I will apply for some of the basic awards WAS, WAC, DXCC etc

after I upload all of these logs to LOTW.

 My question is therefore, when I am doing the  import into DXLab, should I be using the CBA button to fill in all the state info etc for the American

Hams I just worked (otherwise how will LOTW know where these guys are?) for the sake of WAS?? Will this then add alot of new info to the DX stations

as well?

I would like opinions on how best I should do this and with which settings checked off in DXLab.

Any advice is welcome. I have looked at the DXLAb wiki already as well.

73 Ted VE3SS

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