Re: WSJT-X with Spotcollector + Gridtracker possible?


On 10/02/2020 17:08, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

I do not know if either GridTracker or SpotCollector are able to listen for multicast UDP traffic, but they should do if they have been correctly implemented.

+ SpotCollector is correctly implemented. However, the UDP-supporting Microsoft-provided component used by DXLab applications does not support multicast. I expect to eliminate this limitation over time so that DXLab applications can communicate among themselves using multicast UDP.


Dave, AA6YQ
Hi Dave,

RR, that puts SpotCollector in the same position as JTAlert because both are implemented using tools that do not have out of the box support for joining multicast groups. Either could make the required Windows system calls to join a multicast group, but I understand that may be a low priority given other more pressing enhancements.

Do you use a Winsock1 or Winsock2 control for sockets in SpotCollector? It should only need a couple of Winsock function calls to join and leave a multicast group for receiving UDP traffic from WSJT-X.




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