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+ AA6YQ comments below

My call sign recently changed I was Va7fc and now I am ve7dx

+ Instructions for handling this "event" are here:


... I did the bc qso party contest and up loaded my contest logs to DX ab ... But it didn’t insert station location and put old call

+ You could have accomplished that by specifying your station callsign in the "Substitution options" panel on the Main window's "Import QSOs" tab.

... so I tried to change it to Ve7dx thinking it was just the displayed page .

+ The first step in the instructions for using the "Modify QSOs" panel to make bulk changes is "backup your log":


+ Did you do that?

But it wasn’t I changed my entire log to ve7dx and station location !!!

+ Both the step-by-step instructions in the article cited above and the Reference Documentation for the "Modify QSOs" panel state that all QSOs in the Log Page Display will be updated:


I have over 80,000 qsos in the log ... and very dumb me haven’t done a back up since 2018...

So I tried Recovering lost qsos from lotw from the dx lab wiki but it does 10000 errors and stops I believe and it did change the call sign back but not the station location ...

+ Are you referring to this procedure?


+ If so, that would not correct your logged QSOs, it would insert duplicate QSOs into your log.

I really screwed this up !!! can you help me please!!

+ I'll wait for your answers to my questions above before suggesting next steps. In the mean time, I strongly suggest that you take no action other than reading the documentation.


Dave AA6YQ

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