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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

This is my setup:

I use TeamViewer to view the computer Screens in the basement--a 27' and a 20'. The computer in basement is an i7

with SSD . I have a Ftdx5000 and a FTdx3000. Rig control is with Win4Yaesu and also can use PCC5000 and PC3000.

I have mmttty and MRP40. I have a P3 panadapter and also SDRPlay 1. Also CW skimmer. For amps I have Kenwood TL922A and a King built SB220 on 6m.

Antennas are dipoles for 40,30,20,and 15m. Apair of Par Moxen on 6m stacked 12 ft apart armstrong rotor. I soon will be adding a ground mounted Tarheel for 80-6m on FT8,

To add to the fun and games I connect to RHR for 160m DX.

I connect to the LAN network via wifi here in the house. When I visit my son in VA I connect via the internet.

I am studying the Get Started page---a lot of info to digest.

+ Thanks, Phil. Before I make further suggestions, can you hear the transceiver's audio output from your operating location, or do you rely on MRP40, MMTTY, and WSJT-X to display decoded CW, RTTY, and JT modes respectively?


Dave, AA6YQ

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