Re: Commander 14.4.0 - Yaesu FTdx101D - Startup filter width anomaly

Dave AA6YQ

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+ Since the radio isn't powered up, it's not "on SSB".

Correct, it is not. Until I press the power button on the radio. So before I power on the radio Commander is sitting there idle, as it should. I am seeing the Main frequency window reading 000,000.00 - Sub window is blank - Filters slider is all the way to the left showing "0" - Nar box is unticked - Shift slider is amidships showing "0 Hz" - Mode choices are blank.

Okay, so now I power on the radio on 14,222.00 on USB for argument sake. Now I am seeing 14,222.00 in the Main (TX): 20M - Sub is correctly reading the radio (7,161.00) - Filters reading "300 Hz" - Width slider is all the way to the left - Nar box is ticked - Shift slider is still amidships - Mode is correctly reading USB.

I just wonder why it decides to set the filter width to 300 Hz (which is not appropriate for SSB) seemingly on its own volition. It knows I am on SSB because it is showing that circle as ticked. So I set it back to 3000 Hz each time. That is, when I turn off the radio, I do not turn it off at 300 Hz., rather it's usually much wider than that. I'm sorry if I am making a mountain out of a molehill. I can live with it the way it is and just fix it each time it happens either by the slider or the width knob on the radio.

* Commander does not notice that its filter selection is probably in appropriate for the mode selected and change that filter selection on your behalf.

* In the power-up scenario you describe above, what filter width is shown on the radio's front panel?

+ There is nothing that Commander or WinWarbler can do to cause the "loss" of serial ports; with respect to those ports, their activities are limited to open, close, read, and write operations. If any of those operations cause the serial port to be "lost", the responsible defect likely lies in the serial port device driver.

I didn't phrase that quite right. I'm not trying to blame it on your software. What I meant was that if the radio was turned off and then back on while it was connected via the USB port, the computer would assign new com port numbers.

* That's the result of a defect in the Serial Port driver.

Usually I could go back in and change it in the configuration, but sometimes I'd have to do a reboot. This was with my FTdx3000. I assume it will be the same with the FTdx101D.

* Perhaps Yaesu's engineers learned a few things from their FTDX-3000 experience.


Dave, AA6YQ

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