Re: Upload to eqsl and LotW in real time

Bill Pence

here is the place in the wiki that describes this upload operation:

yes, you can change this from upload each logged qso from the capture window to a user triggered batch upload.

the option  to upload each qso entered via the capture window is located at 
dxkeeper -> config -> qsl config -> lotw tab -> 1st checkbox "upload each..."

I had used the auto upload via the capture window, but found that held the next input for a bit longer than I wanted.
so I changed the default QSL requested value, then I can batch upload to LOTW on command.
  DX keeper -> config -> QSL config -> general -> options -> preset QSL requested checkbox = checked. 
to upload all "new" qso, select the QSL tab, in dxkeeper, then select the "add requested" button , then "upload"
 this can be used to upload to LOTW and

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