Re: commander and win4icom

Bill Pence

How does commander and wsjt  cat commands get arbitrated?
Might be better to connect wsjt to commander to avoid cat command contention and collisions.
Dave told me a port splitter to connect wsjt and Commander is as an invalid configuration as both try to issue cat commands.

Connecting wsjt to commander calories Commander to issue cat commands on behalf on Commander AND wsjt.

On Wed, Jan 22, 2020, 11:46 AM Mark Robinson <markrob@...> wrote:
Yes I am and it works well.  The advantages are that with the virtual com ports I can have Commander, Bandmaster,  WSJT, FLDigi and MMTY etc all connected at the same time.

Mark N1UK

On 21-Jan-20 4:13 PM, Jamie WW3S wrote:
anyone using the 2 together? advantages of running win4icom with commander? 

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