Re: crashed HD

Bart AA7VA

I had a major HD crash a couple months ago (and then the motherboard died on abt 10 year old I3 that ran very hot because I was pushing it too hard) - but I had backup on both a thumb drive and online (cloud storage).  DXlabs is setup to do the former, cloud software to backup the latter along with some other folders of importance, and also an occasional full disk backup.  When my hard drive fried, I lost some setup info, but reconstructed it with some troubles where DXlabs Wiki was immensely appreciated.  Had to reload almost everything with the new computer, and backups of data for various programs made life much easier to get running correctly.
If you do not have any log backups, you can go to various online logs you are using (eQSL, LotW, QRZ, etc), export as ADIF log and then import into DXlabs log, allowing for some loss of data.  I note that my various online logs do not have the same number of entries, so maybe importing a variety and dupe checking can help recover most of them.

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