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Dave AA6YQ

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Thanks for the comments Dave. So, if the workspace is backed-up, is there anything that isn't available in a file restore? In other words, are all of the registry settings saved as part of the workspace?

+ With one exception, the settings of all DXLab applications are stored in the Windows Registry, and are saved to a Workspace when you invoked the Launcher's "Save Settings to Workspace" function. The exception is DXKeeper, which stores a few of its settings in the current log file; these are settings that automatically "follow" the current log, like those in the "Log Settings" panel on DXKeeper's Configuration window's Log tab, and those denoted with a trailing asterisk on the eQSL and LoTW tabs of DXKeeper's "QSL Configuration" window. Thus if you back up your Workspace and Log file(s), all settings are backed up, as well as all logged QSOs.

+ There are several other files referenced by DXLab applications that you may or may not choose to customize. If you have customized one or more of these files, you should include them in your backup so that you won't have to reconstruct the customizations when recovering from a computer or operating system failure. These files are highlighted in bold font in step 3 of



Dave, AA6YQ

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