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Be aware, just because ClubLog will update their data to include a specific operation does not mean it is or will be accepted by the ARRL for credit toward an award.
Check Glorioso Island (FR/G) and there is a list of operators on Glorioso who's operation did not have landing permission and the ARRL does not accept that operation for DXCC credit.

My one and only FR/G contact was with one of those operators.

Dave, w6de

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ClubLog keeps a very good database and I had a Mount Athos QSO
SV2AUA/SY that wasn't in their database and I supplied them with a scan
of the qsl that I had. They are very helpful and a valuable resource.

and there is my card

73 Mark N1UK

On 13-Jan-20 6:52 PM, Jim Wysocki wrote:
I've had this happen when loading some of my very old '70's QSOs into
ClubLog. Their records can be corrected by sending them scans of the
old QSL cards. They'll usually add more exceptions to their DXCC
entity assignment rules if presented with some evidence in support of
the changes. A copy of those old QSLs should be sufficient.

GL & 73, Jim W9FI

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