Re: Prop View Error messages

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Sent earlier today.

+ In the "Prediction URLs" panel on the Prediction tab of PropView's Configuration window, PropView makes it easy to check forecasts for sunspot numbers, solar and geomagnetic conditions, and the SFI and A-index by sending a specified URL to your web browser. The screenshots you sent me showed that when you attempted to view two of these forecasts, the response was "not found".

+ Since both of the URLs in question were working as of 30 seconds ago, there are several possibilities:

1. the web sites were "down" when you tried to view them, but have since recovered

2. your anti-malware is preventing PropView from interacting with your web browser

+ If attempting to view these forecasts still generates an error message, then reboot Windows into "Safe Mode with Networking", start PropView, and see if you can now view the forecasts. If your attempt succeeds, then configure your anti-malware to consider PropView (and your other DXLab applications) to be "safe".


Dave, AA6YQ

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