DXview remains in memory

Tony Dixon G4CJC

Just noticed that sometimes when I start DXlab suite using Launcher it snags saying DXview is already running. It's not showing on the task bar but using task manager it shows up not as an app but a background process. I can kill it but then have to re-start the whole suite. This is not a big problem.
I have discovered a way to make this happen. Start Launcher from the task bar. Start DXview from Launcher. Hover over the DXview icon on the task bar. When the popup comes up kill (close) it from there. Then close Launcher. Checking with Task Manager will show DXview still running as a back ground process. This is reproducible. OK so the work round is "Don't close DXview that way." But occasionally I have closed things quickly using the popups and not noticed snags with other things. As far as I'm aware it doesn't happen with other parts of the DXsuite.
Dave, Just thought you might want to know. Thanks for a great set of programs.
Tony G4CJC

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