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Thanks fo your swift reply..,.,., I use my home station as well as several remote rigs...I have each on a MYQTH and the filter and
dxcc progress work... On one of the remotes we are running a bit of a battle for highest dxcc countries . so I was hoping I could
get the band map to color code needed stations on the filtered log for that remote.. From what you say, that is not going to
happen.. No big deal . and thanks.

+ The way to accomplish that would be to setup a second computer running SpotCollector and DXKeeper, with a log file that only
contains QSOs made from "that remote". You'd have to manually ensure that QSOs made with "that remote" are present in both log files
the "that remote only" log, and the "all QSOs" log.


Dave, AA6YQ

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