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I have my DX keeper filtered to one of my qth.. I want the band map to color dxcc needs for that filtered log and not all of my
qso's. I have read everything, but am overwhelmed.

+ DXLab's "Real time award tracking" assumes that all QSOs in your log "count" towards your DXCC awards. You can filter the Log Page
Display to contain QSOs from a subset of your "my QTHs" and the run a DXCC progress report to assess your DXCC progress from that
"my QTH" subset alone, but SpotCollector will continue to report "DXCC need" considering all logged QSOs.

+ Were the QSOs you don't want to "count" made from a different DXCC entity than that of your home QTH?


Dave, AA6YQ

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