Re: QRZ and topic index

ND9G Mike

The ability to upload QSOs to the logbook is not currently available, it is on the enhancement list. Only Dave could speak to the status beyond that.

As far as searching, if you are at site, there is a search button at the top of the messages section for each group. Another option is to simply search using Google and include DXKeeper (or other DX Lab application), it often finds the threads from the reflector.

Mike ND9G

On Tue, Jan 7, 2020 at 7:00 PM Ruarto <rhgalyan@...> wrote:

How does one also update the qso's in QRZ?   Seems you favor eQSL and LOTW.    I use all 3.


Is there an index somewhere of topics?   This question above possibly has been answered but I got tired of loading and sifting month after month.

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