Re: SpotCollector Error Message (unable to recreate spot database after clearing)

Fred Coelho

Well it's been a couple of weeks since I wiped my C drive clean and reloaded windows. I re-installed the DXLab Suite and I'm no longer getting an error when I launch SpotCollector. Yes I can now clear my spot database on startup.

Unfortunately I am now having a problem viewing Unconfirmed Band/Mode spots. They used to show up in Blue (the default) but now my needed filter only displays Unworked spots in Red. I have configured the needed filter for Unworked or Unconfirmed. I have HF plus 6 enabled in DXKeepers Awards window along with several modes and Realtime Progress for VUCC, WAS and WAZ.

Once again, this same configuration works on a different computer. Am I missing something or is it time for a new PC? All applications are up to date. I'm running a Dell with Windows 10 home. It's 64 bit.

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