Re: FT8 CQs Can SC determine both wanted for awards, CQs,, and CQ Not a directional such as CQ DX?

Walter Miller, AJ6T


I appreciate your concern about not wanting to reply to a directional CQ when you are not the target of that CQ.  However, I don't understand why you have a problem making an erroneous response.  Do you not keep an eye on the WSJT-X Band Activity window that clearly shows if a station is making a directional CQ?  Here is an example from my screen of the WSJT-X Band Activity window with the WSJT-X CQ Only option checked:

175600  -4  0.1  904 ~  CQ WA3SFR FM19
175600 -17  0.1 1573 ~  CQ VE6CV DN39
175600   8  0.3 2553 ~  CQ K0VM EN42
175600   0  0.1 2719 ~  CQ DX KM8V EN91
175600 -24  0.1 1323 ~  CQ W7HD DM42
175600 -24  0.1 2288 ~  CQ N7TM DN27  

It's clear that KM8V is calling CQ DX, and that the others are just making general CQs.  I'm just using WSJT-X and JTAlertX, with JTAlertX logging to DXKeeper.  Please describe your configuration, and indicate what you are clicking on to initiate a response to a CQ.  I only ask in an effort to understand why so many stateside stations reply to my CQ DX calls.  Quite often those stateside callers get in the way of bona fide DX callers.  I do have Call 1st checked so that I do not miss a sequence when a station calls me, and I feel obligated to complete a QSO if I have replied to a caller (even the stateside stations answering my CQ DX or CQ EU).

73, Walt, AJ6T

On 1/4/2020 6:58 AM, Gilbert Baron W0MN wrote:

The receive window in WSJTX has an option for CQ ONLY. A nice but in my opinion an incomplete feature.

I often want to reply only to unneeded stations which are marked in a chosen color by DXLABS Spot Collector.


The problem is that although I know it is a CQ I do not know if it is a general CQ. OFTEN when I click on it WSJTX starts a call instantly but the CQ was CQ DX. I then have to stop transmit as one should  not be calling a directional when not wanted them.


I suggested an addition to the CQ only CQ window to Show that it is a CQ DX or even better CQ followed by anything like a prefix so that I avoid making a call that the station is  not interested in getting.




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