FT8 CQs Can SC determine both wanted for awards, CQs,, and CQ Not a directional such as CQ DX?

Gilbert Baron W0MN

The receive window in WSJTX has an option for CQ ONLY. A nice but in my opinion an incomplete feature.

I often want to reply only to unneeded stations which are marked in a chosen color by DXLABS Spot Collector.


The problem is that although I know it is a CQ I do not know if it is a general CQ. OFTEN when I click on it WSJTX starts a call instantly but the CQ was CQ DX. I then have to stop transmit as one should  not be calling a directional when not wanted them.


I suggested an addition to the CQ only CQ window to Show that it is a CQ DX or even better CQ followed by anything like a prefix so that I avoid making a call that the station is  not interested in getting.




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