Re: Color code confusion and how to determine which are needed

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

In the settings for color it has many options and it says they cam be turned on or off. It also has f/g in each choice. What do
they mean? I am confused about decode coloring.

+ If you've configured DXLab and WSJT-X to interoperate directly, as described in


+ Then you should follow the instructions in the "Installing and Configuring WSJT-X" section of that article, specifically step 7
which says

"In the Settings window's Colors tab's Decode Highlighting panel,
- Check the My Call in message box (at the top)
- Check the Transmitted message box (at the bottom)
- Uncheck all other boxes"

+ Assuming you haven't altered the default colors used in WSJT-X, that will highlight any report containing your callsign in red,
and any message you transmit in yellow.

+ All other coloring of callsigns decoded by WSJT-X will be colored by DXLab using the same coloring scheme used in the Spot
Database Display to identify callsigns with whom a confirmed QSO would advance your progress towards DXCC, IOTA, Leaderboard, VUCC,
WAS, WAZ, and WPX based on the award objectives specified on the Award tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window -- the same award
objectives that drive all functions of all DXLab applications using the same Realtime Award Tracking mechanism used by all DXLab
applications. Participation in LoTW and eQSL AG is also depicted using the same background color scheme that is used in DXLab
applications. See this screen shot:


+ Say your only DXCC goal is "Mixed DXCC", you haven't yet worked India, and you log a CW QSO with India in DXKeeper; the font color
of the callsigns of any Indian stations shown in WSJT-X would immediately change from red (unworked) to blue (worked but not
confirmed) - without you having to initiate recomputation or export/import a file.

+ When configured to directly interoperate with DXLab, WSJT-X functions as if it were a member of the DXLab Suite - with one
exception: when you double-click the Spot Database Entry for a station operating in a K1JT mode like FT8 or FT4, you must click the
Tx1 button in WSJT-X before you can direct WSJT-X to begin transmitting on a clear frequency; hopefully this deficiency will be
corrected in a future version of WSJT-X.


Dave, AA6YQ

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