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Gilbert Baron W0MN

I have set all of this and selected to do real time tracking of only FT8. I wanted to just see spots come in and either on SC or on WSJTX page just click on one that I can instantly tell by color is a needed. I will do some more document reading which is what I should have dome anyway. I am sure this can be done. Thanks for your time.

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Hi all
There is a VERY easy way to do that if you upload your log to Clublog.
Check your DXCC charts, look for the worked ones, and just click on the "W".
Paul F6EXV

Le 30/12/2019 à 14:35, ve3ki a écrit :
The following method is still manual, but I think it would be easier
than what you have been doing:

In DXKeeper, click on the RAT button to open the Realtime Award
Tracking window. The main Award Progress table is scrollable. With all
of the check boxes in the filter area below the table checked, you can
see in the table every entity-band and entity-mode combination with an
indication of its status in your log. Double-click on any W entry in
that table to filter the main DXKeeper log display to show contacts in
that particular entity-band or entity-mode combination; these are the
ones you still need QSLs for. Double-click on any C entry to see
contacts that have been confirmed but not yet submitted to the DXCC
desk at the ARRL. Entries with a V have already been included in your
totals at the ARRL.

Rich VE3KI

On Mon, Dec 30, 2019 at 06:50 AM, RIchard Thorne wrote:

When I generate a DXCC Progress report, it shows that I have
worked 2245
challenge entities and have 2028 confirmed entities.

I need to find those 217 QSO's so I can attempt to confirm the

I've been doing this manually by determining the needed prefix on the
progress report, then using DXView to find the qso's.

Is there an easier way to do this? Is there a report to generate the
needed DXCC (or other award) call signs that is not dependent on
the QSL
sent/received fields?


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