Color code confusion and how to determine which are needed

Gilbert Baron W0MN

In the settings for color it has many options and it says they cam be turned on or off. It also has  f/g in each choice. What do they mean?


I am confused about decode coloring.

Settings are Red My call in message red  and CQ green


I am using DXLABS DXKEEPER or logging and this is working.

I am using Spot Collector for spotting and that is working with WSJTX as only spot source.


The main thing I need to know is who to call to advance award seeking.

I have DXLABS SPOT COLLECTOR running with ONLY WSJTX as a spot source.

I have Real Time Award Tracking turned on and have done recompute and have only DIGITAL seeking set on.


I can make lots of contacts with no trouble but am confused as how to determine which station to call if I wat only a needed station.


When running I get Green call coloring when a CQ is decoded and Red for My call in message.

      WHAT is that red trying to tell me?


When running program I get

     White Background

    Green for a station doing a CQ



The most important question is the call coloring. On decoded calls I get The CALL ITSELF

      Green  I assume that is a station calling CQ

      Red                  What does this mean ?

     Yellow              What does this mean ?

     Grey                 What does this mean ?







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