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Thanks for all of the help. I configured to use commander and to start WSJTX after labs. I have a workspace just for FT8 now and I have SC set to show only fields of interest for that. I might show more if I had a 40 inch wide monitor or could read tiny fonts. 😊 I think I am very unlikely to operate FTR8 and SSB or CW in the same session so this works for me. Spot collector , Commander , and Workspace functions are amazing and thanks for all of the help. I have not been very active lately but tis just might do it.


Thanks again.


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+ AA6YQ comments below


Ok, I think I would not be likely to do that but I think I will try the setup anyway to keep all in one and to have everything in my workspaces. Setup should not be that hard as I assume I would use the same things I am using now for my other DXLABS use for the most part.


The start WSJTX from Launcher is a nice feature too. Hopefully it will not cause an error when it starts the Commander will not yet be running.

Not clear if I should start WSJTX first so that it will be available to SC or if I should start DXLABS modules first. In that case WSJTX spot source will not yet be available to SC. Which is the best way to go?


+ If you configure WSJT-X to use Commander for transceiver control,  configure the Launcher to start WSJT-X after your DXLab apps have been started.


I am guessing that since UDP protocol does not verify thigs that it might not matter which way I go as the UDP code will just sit and wait for a message anyway.


This FT8 operation has a lot more things to think of than one would at first think. I have only used it in a basic mode running only WSJTX to make contacts and doing export import of log but I think if I want to get serious I must set things up to make operation more a reasonable system.


+ Agreed.




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