Spot Collector Overrides Dialog blank - no editing possible


Went on vacation to EU-128 over the holidays and installed DXLAB on my laptop. Excep Dxkeeper main log (which is maintained on my Onedrive account) everything else is local. Today I tried to add an override for TO2O (pretty strong on 40m with my Buddipole here in Northern Germany) which appears to be a station in Guadaloupe. However, Spotcollector->Config->Overrides shows just a blank window and a help button. No entries possible. Did not find hints in the group. Checked the DXlab Suite tree for its security credentials. Seems okay. No read only entries, full access and Owner is the laptops admin as well as the User :-).
Any advice?. Thanks in advance and best wishes for the Year 2020,
73, Peter DK5DC/AA6HM

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