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I know that when using just JTALERT and WSJTX that the coloring in received panel can show me if a station has been works before. The questions I have are

  1. If I am logging to DXKeeper does it use the DXKEEPER log to check for worked before or must I import it into WSJT log for this to work? I assume if I do that once and never delete the adi made by WSJT that I will never have to do it again but that makes a VERY LARGE file.
  2. If using DXKEEPER for logging WHICH (WORKS VERY WELL} will it show if it is a needed. If I hover over one of the calls in JTALERT it gives me that needed data but is it only from the WSJT log adi, the DXLAB adi, or both?
  3. I know I could set up Spot Collector to handle those things but I have not the screen space nor the current desire for that complexity.


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