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Dave, (and Joe) -

Again thanks for your suggestions and explanations. This software is amazing extremely well designed. I will work through what you have suggested below.

73 and HNY - Rod/w7zrc

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+ AA6YQ comments below

I have the SC Filter for the Origin field turned on (as well as the Band filter) for only NA; NA-E, NA-M and NA-W checked, but spots continue to show up with the Origin of other locations like EU, AS and AF. I only want to see spots from NA.

+ SpotCollector's Spot Database contains on entry for each active station operating in a particular mode near a particular frequency.

+ When a new spot arrives, SpotCollector checks to see if it already has an entry for the spot's callsign in the spot's mode near the spot's frequency. If so, it updates the existing Spot Database Entry with information obtained from the spot -- like the location of the spotting station. If there's no existing entry in the Spot Database, SpotCollector creates one, and populates it from the spot.

+ The Spot Database Display provides a filtered view of the Spot Database, e.g. "all active stations on 20m", or "all active stations in Asia operating in FT8", or "all active stations with whom a confirmed QSO would advance progress towards the awards specified on the Awards tab of DXKeeper's Configuration window.

+ SpotCollector divides the world into 8 regions: Europe (EU), Africa (AF), eastern North America (NA-E), central North America (NA-M), western North America (NA-W), Asia (AS), and Oceana (OC). The station associated with a Spot Database Entry will have been spotted from at least one of the regions, but may have been spotted from several regions. PY2XC on 30m FT8, for example has been spotted from Europe, Africa, all three regions of North  America, and Asia.

+ When you configure SpotCollector's Origin filter to show only active stations spotted from NA-E, NA-M and NA-W, you will only see entries whose NAE, NAM, or NAW fields in their Spot Database Entry contain a Y. The entry for PY2XC would be shown, even though it has been spotted from Europe and Asia: it's means the criterion of having been spotted from NA-E, NA-M and NA-W.

+ Note that a Spot Database Entry's Origin field shows the location of the most recent station to spot the entry's station. To fully understand from where an active station has been spotted, you must cojnsider its EU, AF, NAE, NAM, NAW, AS, and OC fields. Take a look at this annotated screenshot:


+ If you only want to see active stations spotted form North America, the SQL expression to use would be

(NAE='Y') or (NAM='Y') or (NAW='Y')

+ This article expands on the information provided above:


Do I need to change my filter selections?

+ If you're a DXer, I suggest that you not filter by the location of spotting stations, as doing so will hide active DX stations that you could work. Just because P5DX is first spotted from Japan doesn't mean you won't be able to work it, but filtering with the above SQL expression would hide the P5DX entry from you until someone from North America spots P5DX.

+ If your goal is to hide Spot Database Entries for stations you are unlikely to hear, see



            Dave, AA6YQ

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