Re: Refreshing DXKeeper Log Display after logging a QSO

Bill Pence

did you try clicking the "X" (close box) to the right of the text box entry fielsdin the filter window at the bottomĀ of dxkeeper to unfilter the log?

On Mon, Dec 23, 2019 at 7:34 PM <k8grr@...> wrote:
My experience has been that after I log a QSO, the only QSO appearing in my log is the QSO that I just logged. In order to display my full log (including theĀ 
QSO just recorded) I find it necessary to close and reopen DXKeeper. I know that there must be a much simpler way to do this - but at the moment, I'm stumped.

Any tips would be appreciated.

Thanks, Brian K8GRR

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