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Rod Greene

Thanks Dave, I'm pretty sure I have it working well now. Was the port # that I had wrong. Thanks Ron for spotting that.

73 and best Holiday Wishes to all. Sure appreciate your excellent support Dave!    - Rod/w7zrc


On Monday, December 23, 2019, 12:05:27 PM MST, Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...> wrote:

+ AA6YQ comments below

+ Assuming that a spot arrives from one of SpotCollector's connected Spot Sources, there are several reasons why it might not be used to update your Spot Database -- either by creating a first Spot Database Entry for the spotted station (on the spotted band in the spotted mode) or by updating an existing Spot Database Entry for that station (on the spotted band in the spotted mode):

1. the spot is "too old"

1a. check the "Maximum Age of incoming spots" setting on the Configuration window's "Spot Database" tab; I recommend 60 (minutes)

1b. check that your computer's time and time zone have been set correctly (often the root cause of "no spot database entries" disease after installing SpotCollector on a new computer)

2. the spotted callsign is listed in SpotCollector's "Special Callsign" list with no tag (meaning "ignore incoming spots of this callsign")

3. the callsign of the station that generated the spot is listed in SpotCollector's "Special Callsign" list with a "badsource" tag (meaning "ignore incoming spots generated by this callsign")

+ If an incoming spot does create or update an entry in the Spot Database, its visibility in the Spot Database Display is governed by your filter settings, as described in


+ Unless the caption of the Filter panel at the bottom of SpotCollector's Main window is "Filter: None", your view of the Spot Database is being filtered.

+ To remove all filtering from the Spot Database Display, depress the CTRL key while clicking the Filter panel's X button.

+ For more information, see



                Dave, AA6YQ

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