SC not showing spots

Rod Greene

I currently have NC7J, VE7CC and W7JD spot sources connected to SC. Looking at SC display, it only shows spots from NC7J and every so often from W7JD. I have double checked to make sure VE7CC is connected and it is. (Using and port 7300) If I open VE7CC window, it shows connected and if I double click on one of the entries there, my transceiver QSYs to that frequency, and the Spot Source Status buttons show connected.

If I filter in SC for one of the entries (CALL) that appear in VE7CC window, nothing will display in SC. So it looks like the spot never made it to the SC database.

I have also double checked the filters that I have set in SC Config to make sure I am not excluding anything that way.

Suggestions please. TIA and 73, Rod/w7zrc

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