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Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Trying to catch up on DXCC credits for our 50-year-old club log that we have been updating with ARRL DXCC mixed award but not
getting DXKeeper all in step since a relatively recent set-up (10 years). Working on following the Wiki or user group messages but
maybe not fully sure of all the terms being thrown out. Am playing with a copy of the log on my home PC.

+ Managing DXCC Award Credits is a non-trivial undertaking given the data entry errors and shortcuts taken when DXCC desk personnel
enter data from QSL cards. I suggest that you start by reviewing


+ Then using this article to guide you through the steps:


+ If there are terms that you do not understand, please post them here; I will explain them, and then update the documentation to be
more clear about their meaning.

Main original problem is that many credits are "not linked to a QSO" but the QSO needed is "linked, but not to the DXCC credit" so
cannot link it.

+ How did the QSO get linked to the wrong DXCC credit?

Getting closer with:

Unlink all (CTRL - repair)

Autolink cleans up more but opened up the double entries (one is surely the one the QSO was linked to before).

+ What does "opened up the double entries" mean?

I am sure that checking off the duplicate setting will be involved. Need to know which of the example should be linked to a QSO
and then others marked "duplicate"? And if the actual QSO line is not there, as most are, which to link and what to do with the

+ I don't understand the preceding paragraph.

+ Every DXCC credit should be linked to exactly one logged QSO -- the logged QSO whose QSL card or LoTW confirmation was submitted
to the DXCC desk to obtain the credit.

Example only showing YL (abbreviated info shown, DXCC code 145 is YL). 'blank' is an actual empty field. Not sure if tabs will
work well in the post and don't think can paste snippet of screen:

YL 'blank' 0 'blank' 145 1945

YL 'blank' 0 UNKNOWN 145 1945

YL 15M 21.000 PHONE UQ2KAA 1969

In order top to bottom in the "Show Credit" gives me these QSO numbers (added some notes)

+ There's not enough context to understand what the above three lines mean. I suggest that you make a screen shot, attach the screen
shot to an email message, and send the message to me via

aa6yq (at)

Card=899893037 band & mode listed as "UNKNOWN" on ARRL LoTW

+ That's unfortunately typical for DXCC credits issued "before computerization". It means DXCC credit was granted to the Entity
only. You'll need to enable and utilize "Partial DXCC Credit", as described in


Card=436288888 nothing but field headings show on ARRL LoTW. No data of any kind.

+ Nothing can be done about this.

Card=899893035 ARRL LoTW shows same as listed in DXKeeper credit list (all needed data for all awards).

Most of the "DXCC Credits Granted" are paired like the first two items. No actual card data ever tracked at ARRL since
pre-computer. From paper DXCC list before they kept track of all info which was not kept for a mixed award.

So, in summary, for nearly all I have pairs with MODE blank or MODE "UNKNOWN" and callsign is DXCC code number only in both items.
What to do with each? The example above adds one more wrinkle with a card that must have been sent in once to get credit for
individual awards beyond the original MIXED award.

+ Manually link each DXCC Credit to the QSO that was submitted to obtain that credit. When there's ambiguity, reduce the number of
choices by manually linking all of the Credits for which there isn't ambiguity. This often makes it easier to match up the remained
with logged QSOs.


Dave, AA6YQ

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