Re: User Defined Controls for Kenwood TS-890S

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Thanks for the instructions. I thought there might be a "button location identifier" in the file that I could modify to point the Command Sequence toward a different specific button. I'
d already begun doing as you suggested. I've made good progress, and will post my results tomorrow. Only surprise so far is with the antenna 1/antenna 2 command; The "PC Control command reference guide" for the TS-890S shows:
AN Antenna Selection Parameters:
P1 (Antenna selection)
1: ANT1
2: ANT2

But following that syntax, as I did successfully with other modifications, does not cause the Command Sequence to take effect. Not sure why.

+ You can use the "Execute CAT Command" panel on Commander's Messages window to issue a specific CAT command so you can determine if it's behaving as expected, or experiment with parameters:


+ Don’t forget to proceed Kenwood CAT commands with a single apostrophe (so Commander knows to send them as ASCII) and end them with a semicolon (as required by your transceiver.

+ You may find it convenient to uncheck the Interrogation panel's Continuous box so the received messages display isn't constantly scrolling with frequency reports, mode reports, S-meter readings, and bandwidth reports. Don't forget to restore this setting when you're done experimenting.


Dave, AA6YQ

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