Re: Satellite Tracking and reaction tuning using Commander

Bill Pence

are you sure its DDE to the radio? I know its DDE to Commander, but I suspect the radio is a COM port so 0 would not work...
what com ports show in device manager?
does a com port disappear if you turn off or disconnect the radio?

On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 8:05 PM W8DSB <w8dsb@...> wrote:
OK, so I need a little more help. I had it working for like 4 days. I installed the license that was e-mailed to me and the radio settings must have gotten reset in SATPC. I can no longer get it to control the radio. Command is set to SATPC32 and it is connected. Commander displayed VFOs are moving but nothing the radio.

I looked over the commander radio setting and they look OK. What I don't know is how I had SATPC setup. I picked the proper radio and baud rate but I thought I had the com port set to "0" because its DDE but its no longer working, and yes I did reboot, twice. Thoughts?

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