SC problem

David Bunte

I got back home last night after a short vacation and did all of the upgrades that had accumulated over the past 10 or 12 days. 

I then rebooted my machine and fired up Launcher, followed by CMD, DXK, DXV, SC and WW. 

I made a couple of QSOs today and then noted a spot for TO9W, with a '?' rather than FS, since I did not have an override for that one. Usually I manually enter overrides, but this time decided to let SC do that for me. I selected the ClubLog tab and after it was back up, when it then directed SC to launch I got the following message:

"Band-Mode file C:\DXLab\SpotCollector\bandModes 2017-12-27.txt does not exist; spot database entries will be missing Band and Mode fields."

There was a button that said "OK", which I selected, then SC launched, and at first glance looked normal... However, I saw no spots come in during the next 90 minutes or so, and decided to shut down the entire suite, reboot again and then launch. When SC launched I got that same error message... and now, 30 minutes later, still no spots... all three of my spot sources loaded as usual.

My first assumption is that I have done something that I should not have done, but am at a loss to figure out what that might have been.

I need and welcome assistance.

Dave - K9FN

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