Modifying Records

Rod Greene

I've got a lot of records with an incorrect grid square in my DXK log. This incorrect grid square happened, I think, due to the way I exported from my old log or something I did not set correctly on import. Anyway, I want to get rid of the incorrect grid square and put in something that would indicate a grid square was not recorded. The incorrect grid square value is "JJ00aa".

So my question is this good thinking? ie, put in something in the Grid Square field that would indicate a grid was not recorded...
Second question if the above question is answered yes, then what is my process?

I already have a SQL filter to select all the bad grid square records.

From the documentation and the "DXKeeper Advanced Sorts, Filters & Modifiers" page, it looks like the change-to field should just be left blank.

I tested that modifier change and it seemed to work okay, but before I change >95,000 records I'd like to have some affirmation that is a good procedure.

Thanks and 73, Rod/w7zrc

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