Re: Print Report: QSL's Needed for DXCC Challenge

RIchard Thorne

Thanks Dave,

I'm trying to generate an Excel file so I can take some notes with qsl routes.

Rich - N5ZC

On 12/8/2019 1:16 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below
In DXKeeper, QSL Tab, I can select QSL cards needed and then click add needed. This shows me all of the cards I need as I'm chasing countries for the DXCC Challenge award.
Is there a way to convert the report to a printable report, preferably Excel?
+ After you populate the QSL Queue with the "Add Needed" function, click the "Create Address File" button on the Main window's QSL tab.
+ If you're planning to use another application to generate QSL cards or labels, you can set the "QSL Via" panel to "ADIF file" or "tab-delimited" file, and then click the "Save ADIF file" or "Save TDF file" button, respectively.
Dave, AA6YQ

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