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Dave AA6YQ

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Thank you Dave for the warm welcome. I’m struggling with a new unfamiliar software product

+ This is a common phenomenon. You've likely been using LOGic for so long that you have to think about the keystrokes and mouse gestures required to make it do what you want. Attempting to instantly master all of DXLab's capabilities to the same level of "automatic usage" will lead to frustration. Instead, I suggest that you take it slowly, focusing on one DXLab application at a time until you've master the subset of its functionality you deem essential to your DXing. Most users in similar circumstances report taking a month or three to get to a point where they're as comfortable with DXLab as they were with their previous application.

+ Take a look at


,but in spite of that I’m extremely impressed with DX Labs. My reasoning as to narrowing the issue to deleted was that the band totals are correct, but the Challenge total is +1. (My old program’s Challenge totals and Club Log matched.) My actual deleteds were deducted correctly. I will take your suggestions and work it out.

+ Let me know if you need help. If you can't find the discrepancies, I'll be happy to take a look at your log file.


Dave, AA6YQ

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