Re: Z6 to YU

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

You say that as referred to the example below ‘the recompute function made it consistent’?

Call Date Band Mode DXCC ID DXCC Entity Error, or Action

Z66DH 2018-12-17 0841 40M CW 296 Serbia Action: changed DXCC prefix from Z6 to YU

+ Exactly right. A DXCC Country Code of 296 specifies Serbia. Z6 is not the correct DXCC Prefix for Serbia. Changing the DXCC Prefix to YU makes the DXCC entity information in the QSO consistent.

OK, LOL, I do not care – let it be…

+ Lets review what happened, since you evidently still do not understand:

1. you have several QSOs in your log with Z66DH made after Kosovo became a DXCC entity

2. you ran the FIX-EU script, which prompted you to backup your log before proceeding

3. the FIX-EU script contains two defects with respect to QSOs with Z6 stations:

a. the script was not updated after Kosovo was became a DXCC entity; it changes a Z6 QSO's DXCC Country Code to 296 (Serbia), and marks it invalid for DXCC

b. the script changes a Z6 QSO's DXCC Country Code to 296 (Serbia), but does not change its DXCC Prefix to YU; this defect is what made your Z6 QSOs inconsistent as to DXCC entity

4. you invoked DXKeeper's Recompute function, which identified and corrected the inconsistencies in your logged Z6 QSOs, and notified you of its action

+ You have two options for correcting this situation:

A. revert to the log backup you created in step 2, and wait for Joe W4TV to release a corrected FIX-EU script

B. filter the Log Page Display to contain only your Z6 QSOs, and use the "Modify QSOs" panel to change their DXCC entity to Kosovo "en masse", as I've already suggested.


Dave, AA6YQ

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