Change in app load times vs. PC uptime

Chuck, WS1L

I've noticed a significant difference in the application load times based upon how long the PC has been running.  I'm not sure when this behavior first started but have recently been taking notes.  The PC is a Power Spec i7, 4.2 GHz, 16 GB of RAM.  Pretty much only used for radio.

After a fresh boot, launching each app by clicking it's individual button, the apps are ready for use as follows:
Commander 3 seconds
DXKeeper 7 seconds
DXView/DX Atlas 5 seconds
Pathfinder 1 second
WinWarbler 5 seconds

Four hours later, having terminated all apps, I tried again:
Commander 6 seconds
DXKeeper 11 seconds
DXView/DXAtlas 4 seconds
Pathfinder 1 second
WinWarbler 9 seconds

So after playing some radio, logging some QSO's, etc. I terminated all but SC/PV overnight.

First thing this morning, I terminated SC and PV, then started each app by itself by clicking it's individual button:
Commander 12 seconds
DXKeeper 23 seconds
DXView/DXAtlas 9 seconds (but there were new databases)
Pathfinder 1 second
WinWarbler 19 seconds

By another day or two of uptime this will increase to somewhere around 2 or 3 minutes to load all apps from the Launcher Start button.  

Commander, DXKeeper and WW seem to take longer to load when the PC hasn't been rebooted VERY recently.  I re-checked Windows Defender and all these apps are marked as safe, as is the entire install folder.

It's not a major issue, and I would guess it's more of a PC issue than a DXLabs issue, but this group has steered me in the right direction many times!


73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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