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I second that about St. Judes!

I was amazed yesterday they did the history of the hospital and were talking to marlo about it and her dad. And how they still charge NOTHING for not only their services but food, lodging, transportation every cost a family may have in treating their child is 100% free! Incredible. and what made it even more incredible is that they can do that! She said their average daily costs are 1 point 8 million dollars a DAY!



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On 11/29/2019 1:45 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
+ AA6YQ comments below

A friend who is far more experienced in amateur radio than I am recently mentioned there is a free and a paid version of the DXL suite. In using this software over the last two years I have yet to see this distinction in any of the DXL documentation. AFAIK, DXL exists only in a free version. I am guessing my friend is confusing DXL with HRD. Who is right?

+ The DXLab Suite has always been free, and will always be free. I do this because I enjoy developing software in direct collaboration with users.

+ I am occasionally asked if I accept contributions. Contributions like these are gratefully accepted:

1. reports of possible defects in DXLab applications

2. reports of possible defects in DXLab application documentation or "Getting Started with DXLab"

3. suggested enhancements to DXLab applications

4. suggested improvements to DXLab application documentation or "Getting Started with DXLab"

5. reviews in <> 

+ If you absolutely must make a monetary contribution, I recommend St. Jude's Children's Hospital: they do excellent medical work with modest administrative overhead.


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