WSJT-X and Commander

Chuck, WS1L

I've recently begun to integrate WSJT-X with DXLabs via the instructions in Getting Started with K1JT Modes Direct Interoperation.  

In general all works well for WSJT-X, but if I minimize it to work another mode, after a short time Commander fails to respond to Spot Collector directives... it won't QSY to a needed one.  

About that time I usually see the WSJT-X Rig communications failure dialog box.  Retry doesn't get a reconnection, and so far I have had to quit Commander and restart it to make it work again.  

This has happened twice, so I'm not yet positive on the flow that creates this condition.  I'll try to take notes next time.  Anyone else seeing this?  Anything else I can try?

OTOH, while I am running FT-8, as long as I don't try to go do something else, it works like a charm.  Great integration!

73 de Chuck, WS1L


Chuck Chandler

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